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1. idea

contact us, describe your idea or just send us drawing or a picture. the more info you give us, the better!

2. deadline

we set the deadline for the project. it usually take 4-8 weeks to create your new mascot, depending your rush!

3. design

we provide you with a 2D design of our proposal based on your branding & info you have given us!

4. pricing

along the design comes our price quote for the specified project upon acceptance, we start right away!

5. delivery

we work for you! you will be getting photo updates throughout the project for details and tweaks!

1. Starting with an idea

Contact us and describe your idea, or send us a picture, drawing, or sketch. The more information you give us, about what you imagine, what will be the mascot’s usage, portability demands etc, the more you help us design the desired outcome

2. Are there deadlines involved?

Typically, the whole mascot creation process takes 4-8 weeks but on special occasions it could be done sooner. Let us know about your event, trade show, product launch, and we will act accordingly.

3. Quote & mascot design

Artupmascots, offers a free line sketch based on your image, design or logo. Your team examines the sketch and inform us about any desired changes in expressions, shapes, colors, etc. At the same time we will send you our financial quote for the project, as well as the specifications of the design (materials etc).

4. Design & quote approval

When you are happy with the design and the quote offered, you just have to accept, by signing the related offer and giving a deposit of 50% of the quoted price. Time starts ticking!

5. Making of and delivery

During the creation period, we provide you with photographic material of the progress of our work, through a personal (client) account on our website, which keeps you informed and allows you to approve relevant details of the design, as well as the final mascot. When everything is done, we carefully package and send you the mascot to your desired location, worldwide!

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