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1. idea

contact us, describe your idea or just send us drawing or a picture. the more info you give us, the better!

2. deadline

we set the deadline for the project. it usually take 4-8 weeks to create your new mascot, depending your rush!

3. design

we provide you with a 2D design of our proposal based on your branding & info you have given us!

4. pricing

along the design comes our price quote for the specified project upon acceptance, we start right away!

5. delivery

we work for you! you will be getting photo updates throughout the project for details and tweaks!

1. Starting with an idea

Do you have an idea for the mascot of your dreams? Send us an email or contact us by phone! At ARTUP, we can create a mascot costume using your own designs, or we can help you develop your idea and draw a mascot, which will bring your vision to reality and capture your audience!

2. Mascot design and specifications

Having received your idea and understanding your requirements, you we provide a preliminary plan, for comments and any your modifications. You have to rely on our experience to get you help in this process, calculating all proportions, which will always ensure maximum visibility and ventilation for the performer.
We submit you a detailed financial quote, describing the materials, the suggested fabrics, and delivery times.

3. First steps of creation

Having approved the final design, materials, and fabrics, you simply send a signed copy of the quote along with a deposit and your mascot creation starts!
We create your mascot from various types of rigid and flexible, lightweight foam, cut out to match the basic shape, using the original design as a guide.
Once the sculpture process is completed, we provide you with a first update, with photos placed in your personal account on our website, so that you and anyone else on your team has access. At this stage you can still make small changes in the shape of the head, of the body, or shoes – before they’re covered with cloth or other finishing materials.

4. Techniques and materials

The mascot’s head is created with various types of foam material, and after being sculpted, holes are cut out, to place facial features, the helmet, or battery-powered ventilation fan – which may be placed – to bring fresh air to the performer.
In any case, we create conditions for maximum visibility, comfort, and functionality of your mascot.
The body and legs are made with similar techniques. On the feet a rubber sole is put, and inside the suit, we place a sports antiperspirant breathable fabric to ensure that the performer will be comfortable.
Finally depending on the shape and the material used in body shape, plastic support parts can be added, such as pipes and valves.

5. Sewing & final adjustments

The final phase of creation includes covering the sculpture with fabric and making the custome. Welding and
specialized seams are made, emphasizing on detail, and countless man-hours are spent in order to create an end product that exceeds expectations.
We thoroughly test and check the mascot to ensure it works and fits perfectly, upholding our high product standards.
We continue publishing updates with progress of the project, until we receive the final approval before shipment.

6. Shipping

Our mascots can be sent anywhere in the world.
We have secured the most reliable and efficient courier services, to ensure timely delivery of your mascot.

7. Support

ARTUP, will always be there for you!
We are available for any question, query, or clarification. We also offer cleaning & maintenance instructions, or you can just send us the mascot to get it cleaned or repaired! We are most proud of the after sales service that we offer.

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