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A professional grade, custom mascot, requires countless man-hours in general design, sculpture, specialized seams, and technical details, which affect costs depending on the complexity of the character.
In every price quote we try to give you different options, which affect the final price, and can keep you within budget!

A typical production lasts an average of 6 weeks, starting from the day of the deposit of 50% of the price quote, and directly is related to the availability
materials, customer approvals on designs, quick feedback, and changes.
In cases of pressing deadlines the time can be cut down.

Artupmascots offers a free line sketch based on your image, design or logo, visualising how your mascot will look.
If you do not have character, we undertake the task of creating it from scratch, a mascot completely unique to your specifications, that gets attention, creating strong connections to your target audiences, while promoting your brand.

We provide you with constant updates, with photos, in every step of the project, from the design until the final result. We will ask for your approval in each stage of the process, ensuring that you will be fully satisfied!

For each custom mascot we make, we use specialized foams, breathable and light, soft fabrics, adjustable helmets, ventilation fans with rechargeable batteries, cooling vests, which ensure maximum functionality for the performer.

Our mascots are extremely durable, but certainly not unbreakable. With correct usage, proper maintenance and cleaning according to our guideliness the mascot will last forever!

Usually our mascots are planned and created for user heights ranging from 170cm to 185cm, which practically means that they can be worn by most performers.

That aside, we are able to create any size of mascot, tailored to your needs and specifications.

Every mascot, has 1 year warranty starting on the delivery date, provided for any possible construction defects, but not covering damage done to the product because of its usage.

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